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Top Five Reasons To Add A Conservatory To Your Home

A conservatory is not just an additional room to entertain guests. It can also serve as a transitional zone for the changing seasons, a space for an indoor garden, or a lounging area. Aside from being a flexible room, there are other reasons why you should add a conservatory to your home.

  1. It is an open living space to express your creativity
  2. Since a conservatory is a spare room, you can experiment with its look. Consider mixing and matching dark accents with light-coloured furniture. Keep the whole scheme open and refreshing by adding overhead or floor-to-ceiling windows. This look is perfect if you wish to have a garden room.

    The idea is to experiment on the type of living space that you have in mind. The conservatory is a perfect living area where you can express your personality and be creative with the look you want. And with a DIY Conservatory, it doesnt need to cost the earth.

  3. It adds value to your home
  4. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered when it comes to determining the additional value that a conservatory adds to your home. It could be value in terms of additional space for recreation or other purposes. It could also be in terms of monetary value especially if you intend to sell your house eventually. A conservatory is one of the top value home increasing improvements.

    However, it is important to consider that when selling, you will most probably recoup about only 50% of the cost. So when weighing your options, consider conservatories as a means of increasing the quality of living, rather than the value of the house itself.

  5. It provides additional space
  6. For a house with a garden that faces south and is not shaded, a conservatory is a good addition. It is both a stylish and practical way to create shade especially during the warmer times of the day. It can also function as an extension for the kitchen or an activity room to entertain guests.

    A conservatory increases the interior square footage of a house. This makes it easier to move around and cool off especially when the living space becomes restrictive.

  7. It can function as a greenhouse or a controlled area to grow plants
  8. This is applicable to homeowners who live in areas where the climate is not conducive for growing certain types of plants outdoors. The conservatory provides a safe area to control elements to grow a healthy garden.

  9. It could double as a childrens play area
  10. For a growing family, having an additional space for kids to play in is a good idea. A conservatory can be a safe area for kids especially when there are no adults to supervise them when they are playing outdoors.

Of course, conservatories are not for everyone. For example, if you already have a small garden, taking up space for an additional room may not serve your purpose well. Also, if there is enough space for your kitchen or dining area, you may want to consider other improvements aside from adding a conservatory.

Most importantly, adding a new room to your home costs money. If it is not practical to venture in a project that will not serve long term benefits, then it is best to invest on other developments instead. But if your reason for adding a conservatory is one of those stated above, then you should definitely go for it and reap its benefits.

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