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Todays Double Glazing Helps Conserve Power

Double-pane windows are often referred to as double glazing. In some cases, these new insulated windows are even triple glazed. The purpose of this is to create a layer of inert gas that helps with insulation. The concept isn't totally new, but today's methods have been proven more durable than old windows, and they also work much better.

What Is Double Glazing?

To understand double glazing, it might be helpful to remember how windows used to get insulated. A few decades ago, people got storm windows or double-hung windows to help insulate their homes in the colder months. This wasn't a terrible idea, but the windows needed to get installed each fall, added a lot of extra weight to a building, and took extra room up in the window frame.

For example, many homeowners had one window pane with a screen in the summer. In the winter, they would get their windows changed out to storm windows. This helped keep houses more cozy, but it wasn't as effective as the news windows are and also required more effort and space. For buildings with multiple stories, somebody would have to climb a ladder to change windows.

Today, double glazing processes have improved the way windows can get insulated. There are simply two panes of glass inside the same window frame. Inert gas gets inserted between these two layers, and then the whole unit gets sealed with a durable sealing material. This solution is much simpler. This process can be installed on both wood and aluminium window-frames.

It also means that these insulated windows don't need to get changed out each year. People can choose to leave their screens up in the winter or not because they don't need to replace them with an extra piece of glass. Of course, this extra insulation is handy to have during the coldest months of winter. However, it is also handy to have during the hot summer months when insulation is also an issue to keep houses cool.

When To Choose Double Glazing For A Home

Anybody who hopes to keep their home more cozy and save money on power bills should consider adding this improvement. It's easier to do it when building a new home. However, people might replace their windows a few at a time if they live in an older home. The benefits will be lower utility bills in all seasons and of course, a cozier house.

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