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Say Goodbye To Clogged Sink Drains

Perhaps the most usual plumbing challenge that many homeowners face is the task of opening a clogged sink drain. Even though experts address the problem by observing the best practices in the industry, there are still some homeowners who choose to open their clogged sink drains by themselves.

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You can see the difference in the result in various areas, such as in professionalism and equality. Or, a homeowner can just simply DIY it himself. After all, it is more cost-effective. Even though you dont have any plans of doing it yourself, you can still benefit a lot by being familiar with the basics. You have no idea when it might prove useful to you in the future.

Utilize these Unclogging Tactics to All your Clog Problems

We will direct our attention to clogged sinks even if the tactics are also applicable to other clogs.

At times, you do not have a completely clogged sink drain, just a sluggish one. It seems as if the water is going down the drain at a snails pace. With a partially clogged drain, just run extremely hot water inside the pipes for several minutes. If it is just oil, soap scum, or grease, pouring hot water is an effective remedy. But if this tactic does not work, utilize an efficient drain cleaner instead. But remember that drain cleaners and hot water is not effective all the time.

The Easiest Tactic is to Use a Plunger

The ideal and easiest method is to wear your plumbing outfit and grab your plunger. Run the water and fill your sink with it. Then, position the plunger on top of the strainer. Start pushing the plunger in and out, briskly and with force. Keep on plunging for a while and dont just stop right away.

Pressure will rise within the pipes and it is capable of moving whatever the clog is, which is the reason for the waters slow or no movement at all. If you are only facing a small clog, it will typically give in to the pressure of the plunger, especially if you keep on doing it with more force. For more optimal results, prefer a rubber plunger instead of the plastic variety.

When the Plunger Doesnt Work, Aim for the Drains Trap

If a plunger cant remove the clog, your next focus is the drains trap. Position a bucket right below the drains trap. Only open the trap when theres a bucket right below it. Youll likely find hair or other objects clogging your drain. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the trap and hope it is enough to solve the problem with your clogged sink drain. You can even run water for several minutes to determine if the clog is gone, and water is running freely once more.

If there is still a clog even though you have already cleaned the trap, suspect that the cause of the clog is within the wall-drain. Get a cable auger and put the cable inside the stub-out until it gets to the clog. Force the cable inside so that it goes over the clog. Then, pull it back out. You can expect the clog to come out with the cable. Put the trap back together and run some water down the sink to determine if it is now free of clogs. But even if the cable auger can clear most of the clog, some piles of hair or blockage are left behind the drain pipes walls. Thus, if the water still flows slowly, grab the plunger to remove the remaining debris from the pipes.

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