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Most Common Types Of Diy Aquaponics Systems

There are many types of DIY aquaponics systems that have been designed since its introduction to the world. Some people like to modify the most common systems available to suit their individual needs. In fact, you can make your own system as simple as you want or as complex as you want it to be.

In DIY aquaponics, there are the three most common systems that are in use. If youre just starting from scratch or if its your first time to construct one then it is best that you choose from these three. They are really segregated into: media filled beds, nutrient film technique, and deep water culture systems. You will find the illustration for each of the system below.

Media Filled Bed Systems

Media filled beds are probably one of the simplest (if not the simplest) setups out there. Its almost like grabbing a potted plant and placing it above an aquarium. Of course, doing that literally (i.e. pot over fish tank) will not work out the way you may imagine, but it definitely works that way too.

This diy aquaponics system makes use of growing beds where plants are nurtured. These growing beds are containers that are filled with a growing medium; usually a type of expanded clay or rock medium (such as gravel). In this setup, water from the aquarium or a fish tank is pumped into the growing beds, giving the plants a steady flow of nutrient rich water.

The water is then drained back down to the fish tank. In this type of set up, the water is slowly cleansed and purified as long as it cycles all through from one side of the set up to the other and back. You can choose between continuous water flow configuration or a flooding and draining method, its all up to you.

Nutrient Film Technique

NFT in diy aquaponics, is pretty much the same method used in hydroponics systems (although it is more common in hydroponics). This is the best set up for raising green leafy veggies. The setup in NFT has plants growing in plastic cups with the roots dipped in a thin layer (or film) of nutrient rich water coming from the fish tank. Plants that have invasive root systems wont be suited for this type of setup.

DWC System

Deep water culture system that is best suited for mass production. If you intend to grow more vegetables and raise more fish, then this is the setup you should build. It is sometimes referred to as the commercial method.

In this type of setup the plants are floated on a pool of water. Some folks use foam rafts and float them directly in the fish tank (provided that your tank is big enough). Of course you can set up a filtration system to cycle the water from the tank to a separate pool or container for the plants. Note that the roots must have direct access to water.

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