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Four Easy Steps To Starting A Compost Pile

Anytime is the perfect time to begin a compost pile. They can be complex or simple. And if you are like most people in todays busy world you prefer simple. Compost is the healthist thing you can use in your garden to improve the fertility of your land (lawn, garden, and landscape), effectively rid of kitchen and yard waste, and save some money. The only science involved is the science of decompositionas items decompose, they turn into the most potent, valuable fertilizer available anywhere. Why would we buy it in the store when we can make it at home for free?

Step One: Decide where to put it, and if you need to put it in something. If you are fortunate enough to live on a piece of land, you can easily make a compost pile in a back corner of your property. You dont really have to have container to make compost. Now if you live on a smaller piece of land, you may prefer to purchase a container to keep things looking tidy. There are many options on types and sizes of composters. The main favorite is probably the compost tumbler, mainly because you can move it close to the kitchen door during the winter months. Many folks keep their compost containers right in the veggie patch, since that is where most weeds and veggie leftovers come from, and where the good compost comes out. Now for those of you that live in the city, you will need a container. All compost containers (except for the compost tumbler) look like trash cans, but without a bottom, so the good microbes from the soil can get in and do their job. If you have an old trash can, you can just cut off the bottom, and make your own composter.

Step Two: Start collecting items to go on your pile. From outside, you can put weeds, leaves, old dying plant material, and garden waste. It is best to not place any diseased plants in so you do not continue to spread the problem. From inside the house, you can get purchase a compost bucket for your kitchen sink, there are many options to match any design. Please avoid putting on the compost pile include anything toxic, meat, bones, processed foods, dairy, and poop. All other kitchen waste from vegetables or fruits, egg shells, coffee or tea grounds and even the shells of things like clams and crab are great composting material. Remember to take this stuff out to your pile daily, otherwise it starts to decompose inside the house instead of outside the house and it will begin to smell. Keep your waste container clean between loads, and you will have a clean-smelling bin, there also are carbon filters that will help reduce the odor.

Step Three: Be Patient. Some people may have all sorts of techniques for speeding up the composting process. But it never helps to just be patient. Keep on adding to the top, and in just a few months, at the bottom of your pile you will find rich, dark, fertile compost to spread around.

Step Four: Spread it around. If you are not able to use it right away you wont lose it, it just keeps getting better. Even if you are not ever able to use it you have already done great work by keeping waste out of the public waste stream. However, compost loves to be used so if you dont have a place for all of it, share it with your friends and family. You can spread on your lawn to make it healthier. You can put it on your veggie patch to make it grow bigger, healthier, tastier vegetables. And you can put on flower beds to make your flowers more brilliant and pest-resistant. You can even put it on your houseplants or container plants.

Compost is an organic gardeners best tool for raising healthy, pest-free, and beautiful gardens. Lets get started!

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