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Essential Tools For Decorating At Home

Decorating your home is a fun DIY project and its most enjoyable when you have it well planned and prepared with all the right tools. Here are the most helpful and most important tools youll need in decorating your home:

Measuring Tape Whether youre installing tiles, replacing a sink or just hanging wallpaper you can make accurate changes and less mistakes with none other than a measuring tape. Its the most important tool to have for any DIY project.

Screwdriver and Hammer Most decorating activities require you to remove old installations with a screwdriver and attach new ones with the same tool. Sometimes you also need a hammer to remove other things like old tiles, a wall, and so on. These two things are almost always in use for home improvements.

Paintbrushes and Rollers Half the time, home decorating involves applying new paint or hanging wallpapers. In any case a roller and paintbrushes are necessary to accomplish that. Paintbrushes are also handy when it comes to preparing for decoration. It can be used to brush off dust from corners and hard to reach areas.

Tapes and Dustsheet Dustsheets will help you remove mess on the floor easily and prevent paint from getting on furniture. Tapes like duct tape and masking tape will come in handy in sealing objects youve covered in plastic or keeping an object in place, temporarily. It also helps in covering thin and small areas that you dont want to paint on like the edge of power sockets, window sills, door hinges, etc.

Scissors and Heavy Duty Cutter A pair of scissors and a heavy duty cutter are basic equipment for any painting or decorating project at home. You need them to cut wallpaper, open boxes and trim edges.

Sandpaper, Scrapers and Palette Knives Essential for redecorating walls, scrapers and palette knives are the tools you need to prepare your wall for new paint or wallpaper. You will need a scraper to remove old paint or wallpaper prior to sanding for a smooth and even surface. Palette knives are essential in filling up cracks and holes on the wall and ceiling.

Goggles and Gloves A pair of goggles and gloves are necessary safety tools and they probably some of the most overlooked equipment when decorating, a When youre sanding, chipping off old tiles or dealing with electric wires your eyes need to be protected from small debris. A pair of carpenters gloves will make it easier to do heavy work like sawing wood, handling electric equipment and carrying heavy objects. Decorating your home is difficult without these basic yet essential tools, so make sure you have them at hand so you can enjoy your DIY project.

Paper and pencil You need to make sure you take good notes as you go along. This helps you plan the job and also lets you review your progress as the job goes ahead.

Get help and advice Get professional help and advice. In Scotland you could contact this site to get advice from a Quality Painter and Decorator in Glasgow. Good luck with your project.

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